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We have a big skill set and a lot of experience at Itude. From smart IoT devices to cloud solutions for big and small companies.

This is what we do

Cloud solutions

Itude invents, designs and creates scalable cloud solutions to collect, process, visualize, analyze and connect with other systems. We are skilled in the cloud environment of Amazon and Google and in making responsive dashboards, but also Big data, Data science and Machine Learning applications. For the latter we work together with university researchers to be able to use the latest insights. Read more…


Nowadays anything can be created, but it is a waste to create applications that nobody understands or wants. That is why Itude supports concept development. We design user experiences and carry out service design. We design user interfaces and facilitate design sprints. We perform usability studies, so an application is understood by the target group. We validate business models based on IoT, Apps or Cloud services before development takes place so that the right applications are created.


Internet of Things

We design and develop devices that last for years on a battery and transmit data around the world. We have developed several Bluetooth Low Energy and Beacon solutions. But also devices that communicate via the new “low power wide area” networks; LoRa, NB-IoT and LTE-M. We have tested these new networks extensively so that we can distinguish hype from reality. Thanks to our expertise, we are discussing business with telecom companies, chip suppliers and network suppliers from all over the world.


Smartphone and Tablet apps

We have been designing and creating iOS and Android apps for clients for many years. Native, but also Hybrid. Usually in combination with a cloud solution, or a link to it. App development is a specialty, especially when it comes to security, offline availability, location determination or Bluetooth links.