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Itude develops applications that connect the physical and digital worlds. These applications consist of smart devices that are connected to cloud solutions over the internet. And which are accessed through web applications, smartphone apps and interfaces.

Our work

Please find below some examples of our work


A cloud-based SAAS solution that provides insight in ocean freight.

CargoProbe is a software service for shippers of freight by sea. Sea freight is becoming less and less transparent and the arrival times given by the traditional parties in the chain are becoming increasingly unreliable due to logistics chains. CargoProbe uses multiple data sources and advanced artificial intelligence to calculate reliable arrival times. CargoProbe is now trusted by Fortune500 companies to automatically manage their production planning.

Air freight

Image recognition reduces errors

IATA markings on air freight containers are automatically recognized in a handy smartphone app and tied to a location. Smartphone and tablet implementations of computer vision led to a reduction in manual input errors and therefore better control over logistics processes.


Reduce logistics costs with digital freight document

An open system that allows the exchange and visibility of freight documents and therefore saves a lot of costs in logistics. That is TransFollow’s ambition. We were involved from concept and design of the API to implementation and roll-out, coordination with partners. We also developed a series of smartphone apps and components that are used by end users and software integrators. Finally, we helped the client build an IT department from scratch that could maintain the product.

Internet of Things

Smart packaging devices

Smart seals that indicate whether there has been a risk of smuggling from trucks and sea containers through low-power networks. By using emerging technologies, a device has been developed that lasts for a year on a battery and communicates with smartphones and low power telecom networks.

Some of our clients

Itude is a real product organization. I was impressed by their decisive way of working to find the solution for our problem.



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