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About us

As a profession, IT is unique in the need to continuously gain knowledge. The name Itude is the combination of the French word étude (study) and IT. Since our establishment in 1998 we have continuously created innovative applications for our clients.

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About Itude Mobile

Itude creates cloud and mobile apps. Itude was founded in 1992 and was specialised in architecture and development of mission critical systems for large organisations. In 2009 Itude transitioned to creating mobile and cloud applications for companies in the Netherlands. Our specialists work for well known clients such as Albert Heijn, NS, Action.

We constantly need developers; seniors, mediors or juniors. We also frequently have room for 1 or 2 graduates from colleges or universities in our team. At Itude you get a lot of freedom to work on innovative solutions that matter. To work at Itude you must be inquisitive and technically skilled. A technical study HBO + is essential, but we mainly look at the qualities and potential of individuals. It is useful if you have affinity with our work area and experience with the tools we use (such as Amazon AWS, NodeJS, Serverless, Swagger, Mocha, Postgresql, Mysql, Mongo, Java, Angular, Bootstrap, Linux, Kotlin, Swift, Docker, GIT, JIRA, Python, R, C++ ). Certificates (, AWS or Google) are an advantage. We use SCRUM.

Currently everyone is working from home, online, due to the Covid-19 restrictions.

Are you interested in joining our team? Please contact us. Acquisition by intermediaries is not appreciated.

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Current vacancies


AWS Serverless development role (medior or senior)

For our spinoff company CargoProbe we are looking for a medior or senior developer.

About the company

Our spinoff company CargoProbe is based in the Netherlands and tracks shipping containers for manufacturers. If a shipping container does not arrive on time, it often delays the manufacturing and sale of expensive vehicles and devices. Our customers are large multinational companies that use our system to predict if they need to expedite a shipment or divert from another warehouse. CargoProbe was founded mid 2021, we have a small cosy development team. We have a weekly demo/planning cycle with deployments to production every two weeks. Everyone works online, in two countries. We use pair-programming to onboard new team members. CargoProbe is growing and needs developers to work on our serverless platform.


  1. Bachelor level education in an IT related subject
  2. At least a year’s experience with Node.js or other server side javascript framework
  3. Spoken English so you can present your work and participate in refinement sessions
  4. Ability to work in a small team, preferably some knowledge of SCRUM
  5. Resident of European Union
  6. At least 6 months experience with a cloud provider (AWS, Google or Azure)
  7. At least 3 months experience with typescript
  8. At least 3 months experience with GIT and Pull Requests
  9. Willingness to learn AWS serverless products
  10. At least 6 months experience with a Continuous integration environment such as Gitlab, Bitbucket Pipelines or other

Nice to have (but can be learned on the job)

  1. AWS serverless products  (lambda, SQS, SNS, Step Functions, Athena, DynamoDB, SES).
  2. Vue 3
  3. Some Python
  4. Some SQL
  5. Written English

Our stack

  1. AWS serverless products  (lambda, SQS, SNS, Step Functions, Athena, DynamoDB, SES)
  2. Javascript, Typescript, Vue 3
  3. Terraform
  4. VS Code
  5. Trello
  6. Atlassian Bitbucket
  7. Slack
  8. Atlassian Confluence
  9. GSuite / Google Meet


Interested? Drop us an email at Acquisition by intermediaries is not appreciated.

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Internship and graduation assignments

Interested in graduating or doing an internship with us? Feel free to contact us. Please state the field of study, year and interest in what type of assignment.


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